October 13, 2011

Birthday Wish + Blog Opening!

Hello and Welcome to my little blog! First of all, let me just say that it's my birthday today, (So greet me now on the comments below if you haven't yet! Haha), and I decided that the best day to launch this blog would also be today. Hehe. I've been on and off the blogging world for about 5 years now but, I promise I am going to keep this one. I am doing this because I love writing, not necessarily for work or under pressure, but as a hobby because I like to talk about beauty and makeup, fashion, food, etc., etc., etc and share it when I'm feeling talkative. :)

No,I have never actually established a blog for a particular category or thing like travel, cosmetics, food and such. I mostly write about how my day went. (Mostly because of laziness) I'd like to change that and actually blog about something with meat! Something that is worth sharing and my friends and random readers of this blog would actually gain new information from. I put my blog under the category fashion and beauty. Both of which I am very passionate about probably ever since I was born. Though sometimes, I fail to actually showcase it since I am such a lazy girl and I don't bother to dress up on most days. (You know what they say, there are no ugly girls, just lazy ones. Hehe) I am just really simple, believe me. :)

Okay enough of that lousy introduction. Forgive me, that's something I was never really good at. Now, let me just share what's I'm planning to buy for myself as a gift. I am thinking of getting these Etude house brushes!

Yes, all of them! The only problem is they should be bought individually and in most Etude House branches, some brushes have already run out! On the bright side, it actually gives me more time to look for good brushes. Personally, I think it doesn't matter what brand of makeup you're using as long as you have the proper tools for application. I am actually planning on making makeup tutorials and reviews which will all be compiled here. Ruby Woot is a makeup and beauty blog my friend, Daniella and I plan on opening sometime in the future. Just building up our kits so watch out for it!

So that's it, I hope my blog will be helpful to all girls out there! See you next time! :)

xx, Christina ♥

*photos are not mine!

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