October 23, 2011

Etude House Haul

Hello! This is just a quick post on my latest haul from Etude House! Etude House is a total beauty solution shop known for its wide variety of products that come in super cute packaging! I just love Etude House! Not only are their products too cute to resist but they're also reasonably priced. I don't know about you but ever since this store opened in South Mall, there was never a time I was in that mall and didn't stop by this pink store! Sometimes I don't even buy stuff, I just like to look around and see what's new. It's so embarrassing because I think the beauty consultants are already familiar with me. Hahaha.

Etude House, I hope you'll be around forever and not pull out like Elianto did! If you do, I'm so going to cry!

Enough about that and onto the "haul." If you were able to read my first post you would know my birthday wish for this year is actually get my hands on all Etude House brushes! So, I bought a lot of those and some of these as well:

A couple of weeks before this haul, I asked one Etude House girl which makeup remover can be used prior to makeup application. Something that's not greasy so I can immediately put makeup after. She recommended this Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Mineral Water.

Be Clear Cleansing Foam. I haven't been using anything on my face lately. No moisturizer, facial wash, toner. Nothing. Now, I want to start a skin care routine. (A teenager should have already created strong habits to care for her skin especially when a lot of changes in the body start to happen! I'm 19 already and well, I'm a little behind!) I wanted to try all the products in the Be Clear line but for now I'll just try this cleanser and see if it's good for my skin.

Look at My Eyes Sand Gold GD03. I swatched this on my hand and the color is really pretty and sparkly! I'm a sucker for warm toned eyeshadows and I like to create Latina looks or simple neutral eye makeup. I hope to get more colors!

Brushes! I scheduled this post a few days before I made my "Face of the Day" post here so if you read that, you should have seen these brushes already. Hehehe. In order: Oblique Shading Brush,Blush Contour Blush, Tip Eyeshadow Brush, Eye Contour Brush.

Flamingo Razor for my eyebrows.

Etude House really knows how to make their customers happy! This pearl pouch is a freebie! They always seem to have something to toss into your paper bag together with all the stuff you buy. This pearl pouch is very elegant, as you can see. Hehe. Love ett..

Yup, that's it! See you on my next haul post. Bwahahaha.

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