November 25, 2011

Bag Hunt

It's been a while. I'm finally back to school after being sick for so long. I won't say I missed all the work, but I got to graduate somehow, you know. I already skipped most of the lectures and some seat works so I definitely have a lot of catching up to do! On top of that, I have a major recitation on my law subject tomorrow. Actually, we have major recitation on that subject every meeting so I will definitely be called a lot tomorrow. My law professor said so himself a while ago. Oh, well.
Since school work has been keeping me from making decent reviews lately, I decided to update this blog of mine with a little something that doesn't require much of my time but still is informative and fun, for me, at least. Christmas is just around the corner and I have been keeping myself from going on any shopping spree lately because I want to save up for that special day! As a result of this shopping deprivation, I've made quite a lot of lists already on what I want to buy. I'll be bombarding this blog with wish lists in the following days. Isn't that fun?
I've been looking for the perfect school bag lately and so far, not so good. I'm tired of shoulder bags and tote bags. I've figured hand bags are more spacious for my books and papers, and they won't hurt my shoulders! Let me just share my inspiration for the hunt.
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Miu Miu's Top Handles are so chic and youthful, don't you think? I don't know what you call this particular design but it's my favorite. I hope I miraculously pick up $1,495 from the ground so I could buy one, but until then, I just have to make do with something similar. Gold hardware, bow detail, shiny leather, and all.

I adore all three colors so I showed them. It would be lovely if I could get a hold of bags with the same colors. How about you? Which color do you think is the cutest?

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