November 2, 2011

Benefit Cosmetics Wish!!!

So, it's true! Benefit Cosmetics is coming to town this December! What a merry Christmas it will be for all makeup lovers like me! I've been eyeing this brand for so long only God knows when, so imagine my delight when I discovered this wonderful news a few weeks ago. I am a sucker for cute packaging and this is one of those makeup lines I just simply cannot resist, plus the quality is amazing! I am hoping though that the products won't be priced far from their US prices. There is import price injustice here in the Philippines, I tell you! *Hello, M·A·C, do you hear me?!

To celebrate this glorious discovery, let me just share what's on my Benefit wish list. I want to try these items, and I will probably end up loving them once I do because I spent so many nights, and days, researching about these products and all have had positive reviews! I might go a little overboard with my wish list, but I have just been eyeing this brand for so long, my list piled up! I was already planning on getting some of these online, but  that would be pretty risky if I'm going to get from local sellers. You need to find reliable ones to avoid getting fakes. Fake cosmetics can damage your skin because you don't know what they're made of! So, going back to my wish list, let me start off with...

The POREfessional

This is a translucent, oil- free primer that minimizes appearance of pores and fine lines making makeup application a breeze! It also helps your makeup stay put and can be used on top or under your makeup. I have never tried any foundation primers yet and the one I wanted to try so bad before was the Photo Finish Foundation Primer from Smashbox. I still have to find out if this primer is good for teenagers like me.

dr. feelgood

Another primer! Hihihihi. It mattifies your skin and is perfect for mid-day touch ups. I want to wear this alone on my no makeup days because it contains Vitamins A, C and E. I love it when cosmetics contain healthy treats for your skin. Filipina actress, Carla Abellana uses this. I'm doing my research! Hehe.

"take a picture... it lasts longer"

This is a sheer glimmering body balm that provides a golden-pink sheen to legs and body. Have you seen the commercial for this? Watch it, because I loooooove it! Haha. Watch on YouTube!

Girl Meets Pearl

Can you all please just take a moment to look at this picture of the gorgeous J.Lo and tell me how can I achieve the same golden skin? Does anyone know who the makeup artist is? My research capabilities are getting me nowhere and I am desperate! If this is the highlighter for it, I'm going to be head over heels in looove! 


This is a cult item in most makeup bags. Why? It gives you the sexiest flush! This was originally concocted in 1977 for an exotic dancer who wanted to make her nipples look pretty & pink. That was long ago; However,  it is used as a cheek and lip stain today! I have been reading, hearing and seeing so many raves about this. I think I need to try it.
they're Real!

Well, it might be a little unwise to purchase high- end mascaras especially for students like me (I have no income! Huhuhu), but just look at online reviews of this product and just stare..... in amazement.... like I did.... I mean, I have long lashes already-I probably don't need this- but if it'll make my lashes fat and long without the need for layering, this is a miracle!!!!!

(Hello, just a moment, Am I scaring you with my words? I might sound like I'm going crazy here because I am a little too hyped about this brand, but I just can't hide it! Hahahaha.... Okay, back again!)

BAD gal plum mascara

An alternative to the usual black mascara, plum mascaras help brighten up your eye area without being as harsh as black ones! I've been wanting to get one for myself for ages!

Bella Bamba

Ahhhhhh! I've been wanting to get you for so long! This blush claims to give you a 3D watermelon blush. I want it so bad! I don't have a watermelon blush in my kit yet so that's one more reason to get this! It's quite sad though; Benefit cut down the content to 0.28oz from the usual 0.42oz for boxed blushes. Nevertheless, this is such a gorgeous blush! 


This blush claims to mimic the flirty flush you get when your heart races. Well, well, well, will it live up to its claim once I tried it on my cheekbones? I really want a blush that will give me a healthy natural looking flush of color. Could it be you, thrrrob? I also like your packaging!

One hot minute

Last, but definitely not the least, and as a matter of fact, sizzling hot on my list is the One Hot Minute sexy in seconds face powder!!!! This is a rose-gold finishing powder that creates that "gaze at me glow." I originally wanted the Hoola bronzer, but I have my eyes on another matte bronzer from another brand and I gotta say the latter is winning! I am hoping to get my hands on it the soonest!

There you have it! My list of Benefit Cosmetics products I want to try! Do you know about this brand? What are the products you want to try from Benefit? Tell me in the comments below. Have a great day!

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