November 6, 2011

My Supersale Bazaar Experience

My excitement over the SuperSale Bazaar at World Trade Center was pretty well expressed in my last blog post. I was able to go last day and sure enough, I had a really great time! Let's have a look at my little adventure.

*Excuse the lousy pictures. I don't have the sturdy hands of a photographer, and my camera is just a point-and-shoot, c'mon!

This is a sneak peak of what's inside the main tent, but before that, I'll give you a little tour of what's outside!

Upon entering, this is what you will see. The line on the left is where you buy your tickets. The huge door is the entrance to the "main" bazaar. All you will see outside are food stalls. I wasn't trying to take a picture of that blonde girl. She was just in the way but isn't her hair pretty?

I mentioned before that I got my ticket for free from Deal Dozen.. It's quite nice because I saved 200 PHP for my companion and me! Yay!

Some of the food stalls there:

I arrived at 1PM so it was just in time for lunch. It was quite difficult to find a decent seat outside. I didn't know there was a catering service inside the main tent.


So now, I am inside the main tent which explains the huge smile on my face. I didn't know I look like that when I laugh. Haha. My nose and my eyes crinkle! The first few stalls nearest to the entrance sell clothes and accessories. I, however, did not come for any type of clothes in the bazaar. I came for the makeup, but I'll show you most of the shops there.

Looks like this guy is emoting. Can I just say that majority of the boys in the bazaar were just at the side of the tent. It's quite funny because they don't look too happy at the bazaar. I think boys don't really like shopping. Also, almost all of the booths sell girls' clothes! I didn't see much that were selling men's shirts! That's probably why the boyfriends and husbands look bored to death.

This booth was really crowded! I didn't realize it at that time, but I think this is fashion blogger, Laureen Uy's booth. Girls were hustling just to get their hands on her items! Seriously, I couldn't even take a peek of what's inside. She was selling her old clothes for a much lower price. 

The makeup portion was at the back of the bazaar. The first thing I looked for were shops that were selling Sephora items!

Benefit and Sephora!

I actually am quite sad right now that I didn't get items from my wishlist that I found here, but Benefit is opening a store in the Philippines before Christmas! It's quite practical since I can compare the price. For you Benefit, I shall wait!

The closest I could get to these Benefit babies is a picture with them! Huhuhuhu. December, come now!

This is my favorite shop at the bazaar. Actually, they're the reason why I'm there. I found out about Supersale because of them. Their booth looks so bongga too! It's the only one with a lit up vanity mirror. I want one like it in my room.

Swatch Fest! I want to get the blue and purple one, but ended up buying different colors. I will just have to get them next time! I also wanted to get some magic eye dusts, but they weren't available.

More Sephora items from a different booth!

The tent wasn't as crowded as I expected, which was quite nice. I don't like bumping into people. The whole tent was air-conditioned too!

I will do a different post for my haul, because I don't want this post to be too crowded. That's all, bye!

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