November 5, 2011

Sleek Makeup PH

Hi, girls! I scheduled this post last night so, right now I am probably rubbing elbows with your favorite beauty and fashion bloggers at the SuperSale Bazaar at World Trade Center! But honestly, I might just be running around in circles ogling at all the makeups and clothes I want to buy but won't. LOL. Hopefully, I am having a great time taste testing from food booths and taking pictures too. 

So, last Friday night, Saab Magalona hosted a Sleek Makeup Giveaway in her blog and my friend and I joined in hopes of winning the gorgeous blushes and pout polishes to be given as prizes. We didn't get lucky though. Hehe. If you are familiar with the Chapman sisters' Makeup Tutorials on YouTube, you might have already heard about this brand. If not, let me introduce you to it:

The Sleek MakeUP brand is youthful and fresh, engaging the interest of young women from a range of different backgrounds. Our ethos is to produce a range which boasts of extremely trendy, fashion forward shades and innovative products which can be worn by all but with a particular focus on women who are under-represented by major brands in the cosmetics market.

New products are launched regularly keeping the range fresh and desirable. We deliver quality products at affordable prices for real fashionistas and for those who just want to enhance their natural beauty.

Don't be impressed, I just copied that from the internet. Haha. If you have been crushing on this brand for quite sometime then I have good news for you! Sleek Makeup now has a reliable distributor here in the Philippines. Sleek Makeup PH will provide you your dose of Sleek Cosmetics for a reasonable price! I used to buy Sleek Makeup products online and I have to say the prizes of Sleek Makeup PH are cheaper for the most items. You know you are getting authentic products because an artist herself is even cooperating with them. There is quite a catch though; Products are only available online. You have to order from the suppliers provided by Sleek Makeup PH. If you're used to buying online then that should be no biggie. Sleek Makeup products are really good!

*I got the image from SLEEK MAKEUP PH

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