November 7, 2011

SuperSale Bazaar Lipstick Haul

At this point, I can honestly say I am ready to commit myself to a lipstick ban..

I mentioned in my last post that I will be doing a separate haul post for the Supersale Bazaar because I don't want to flood a lot of thoughts into one post. It also gave me time to try out some of the products I bought. But, before I start talking about these items, I'd like to share my preparation for the bazaar first. You can tell I'm loving the items because I talk too much. So, let me begin.

I get a little crazy when you put makeup and sale together. I end up giving in to the impulsive shopper inside me which is really an awful thing. It would have been quite easy to just set a budget, but what if I really spot something and want to buy it so bad? I didn't want to give up the chance of finding such a fabulous item and letting it go so, I turned to the following methods. I armed myself with basic knowledge of the products/ brands/ sellers that will be at the bazaar and made a tiny list of things I wanted to buy/ check out. I also went with someone I begged to keep me from being the shopaholic monster I am or gastadora as my mother would call it. His job involves leading me away from the makeup booths when I feel like I just had to get my hand on everything, slapping me back into reality when the impulsive shopper persona kicks in, although only figuratively since I doubt he will ever be able to slap me hehe, and helping me decide practically which ones to buy. Anyways, here is my original list:

Sleek Curacao Palette, Sleek Acid Palette, and Sleek Me, Myself, and Eye Palette were on top of my list simply because I wanted a wide range of eye shadow colors. These palettes have very bright and edgy shades. I thought they would be a great addition to my makeup kit when I want to go crazier with my makeup. It would also be perfect for photo shoots and pictorials that would require Avant-garde/ high fashion looks. However, I was talked out of it by my shopping partner. I also figured that before I build up my kit for bolder and crazier colors, I should first build up my neutrals/ everyday makeup. I guess I also got a little disappointed with the size because I expected the palettes to be a little bigger. The brand is called Sleek for a reason, I suppose.

Lime Crime Countessa Fluorescent Lipstick, Lime Crime Coquette Lipstick, Lime Crime Nymph Magic Dust were next on my list. As I have mentioned, I've been eyeing this brand for years. I knew I will give in to my pink lipstick fetish once I see it so I put Countessa Fluorescent. Coquette is a gorgeous pale nude shade even Adele and Tricia Gosingtian wear it. I thought Nymph Magic dust was a gorgeous and unique shade but unfortunately, magic dusts weren't available.
Without further ado, I present to you the newest additions to my lipstick collection.

Models Own Hot Pink Lipstick
I went to the booth of Make up Hub by Naturele Collezione to purchase the Sleek Palettes but since I was talked out of it, I got this instead. I spotted this gorgeous shade and fell even more in love when I tried it on my hand. I did that because I don't want to put any testers on my lips anymore.

The packaging reminds me of Shu Uemura lipsticks. I find it really cute because it's clear and I automatically see the color of the lipstick bullet, which is quite fat, by the way, compared to most lipsticks. The lipstick doesn't feel cheap on my hands and the plastic cap doesn't come off once it clicks. I feel confident this won't stain my makeup bag due to lipstick caps coming off. 

I would say the consistency of the lipstick is creamy and glides on smoothly but the tube is a little bit loose and rotates from side to side when I'm applying. It can make a little mess so I will probably use this with a lip brush. Aside from that, no other complains. This is a gorgeous color and something I can use everyday.

Lime Crime Great Pink Planet, Coquette, and Countessa Fluorescent
Beside the Naturele Collezione booth is a shop I'm quite familiar with. I got three Lime Crime lipsticks from Starmaine Cay. I buy Sleek and Barry M products online from them. I found out about the bazaar because of them too. Great Pink Planet is a pale bubble gum pink and since my favorite pink lipstick from Wet n' Wild is running out, I felt the need to upgrade into a new one. I would still buy another tube of that pink lipstick but while there are so many lipstick brands, I figured, why not try them first? Coquette and Countessa Fluorescent are already on my to-buy list and since I didn't get the Sleek Palettes, I did a little modification to my list.

If these weren't available, I would have gotten No She Didn't, Airborne Unicorn, and Cosmopop, but since I am all for wearable shades right now, I chose these. There will come a time I will get those three, as well as  other crazier colors because, well, you know how I like my lips. Crazy and Colorful.

I haven't tried these on my lips yet because I heard they stain and last for days so I will just end up with a slightly different color than what they are supposed to be if I tested them out all together. 

NYX Black Label Lipsticks Diva, Dusty Rose, and Bling
Aside from Lime Crime and many other brands they offer. Starmaine Cay also sells NYX products, yay! I used to get mine from a different shop but since I didn't like the customer service, I stopped ordering.

Despite my obvious obsession with bright, neon, and colorful lips, I am trying to build up my neutrals. When I saw swatches of these from Ms. Jen's blog, I was completely sold. It was amazing that the shop was selling the shades I wanted! These lipsticks might look similar in the picture but they have their own beautiful shade in real life. Diva is a brownish color with a hint of pinkish red. Dusty Rose, according to Ms. Jen, is a mauve/ purple shade, but on me it changes depending on where I am. At home, it looks like a very sheer brick red. Under natural light, I can see the mauveness to it. I will buy another tube once this runs out so I can confirm my speculation that NYX made a mistake in the packaging and this probably should be another shade is wrong. Bling is a pretty sheer nude color and is probably my favorite. It's not too dark but not too light. It also makes my face a little brighter.

If round lipsticks are creamy in texture, the consistency of these lipsticks is too impressive for words! I would compare them to MAC's lustre finish lipsticks, only lighter and smoother. I love how these lipsticks feel on my lips. They also have a grape scent which is quite appropriate since they make my lips look so plump and juicy. For their price, NYX Black Label Lipsticks are a steal! I love them and will definitely get more of these in the future.

NYX Girls Round lip glosses Whipped and Peach. Lime Crime Lip Noir Catalogue
These are freebies. Starmaine Cay gave me a sort of booklet from Lime Crime's latest collection, Lip Noir. They are really dark colors so I had to pass. I'd like to build up my everyday collection before I branch out to darker and bolder colors. Besides, I want my makeup to be age appropriate as much as possible.

The two tubes of lip glosses are Peach 013 and Whipped 028 of NYX Girls Round Lip Glosses. Whipped is a milky beige color and Peach is a coral pink. Both are shimmery and glossy. I am quite impressed with these two since they made my lips look fuller and  adds a subtle shine. I would have never bought one formyself so I am really happy that I was able to try these.  These smell like dish-washing liquid, though, so, if you're quite sensitive to scents, you might not like these. I also couldn't find these in the NYX Cosmetics website. I don't know why but I will definitely purchase more.

Over all, I am happy with what I got. I am quite equipped in the base and eye department right now so I didn't feel the need to buy those. I use lip products all the time since they make me look more decent and polished than usual so I stock up on those.

Did you attend the SuperSale Bazaar? What were your favorite buys from there? Leave a comment below and I will surely check them out. Thanks for reading!

PS: This just in! Spot! :"> I was so engrossed in buying lipstick, I didn't notice Say Tioco Artillero was there. I was actually looking for her. :(

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