November 8, 2011

There's a new DIVA in Town ;)

Alabang Town Center that is! love diva, an Australian brand offering only the trendiest fashion accessories for girls, is now in the Philippines!

To celebrate the opening of its first store in our country, love diva organized a styling/blogging workshop for teens and fashion bloggers. Thanks to Ms. Sarah Tirona of Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles, I was able to get in to the event. She hosted the contest in which me and my schoolmate, Mica Torres, won.

The event was bloggers exclusive that day so attendees had a preview of the store and its products before the official opening, which is today!!! Let's have a look at the shop, shall we?

Accessories are grouped according to their color and theme. Some of the themes are Velvet Underground, Heart of Gold, In the Navy, and Hair to the Throne. (How Brilliant!)

I think the way love diva organized their collections by theme is helpful for young fashionistas because sometimes it can be difficult for some to match accessories. Very genius of  love diva!

The shop also offers designs for little girly girls. I want them too! So cute!!!

We started the workshop around 4PM. There was first, signing of the guestbook, introductions from each and everyone of us, and snack time!

Ms. Kookie of Death by Platforms
The professional bloggers from the event had their own topic to share with us. Ms. Kookie shared her blogging tips. It's important that what you are talking about in your blog is something you are very passionate about since your readers should be sharing the same interests as you do.

Ms. Melai of Style and Soul
Ms. Melai talked about different opportunities for bloggers: business, modelling, and sponsorship among others. 

Tracy Ayson and Tin Iglesias
Tracy and Tin talked about styling! I was able to pick up a few fashion tips from them, and the love diva event actually got me into accessorizing. Well, well, well, we'll see! My favorite tip: Repeat clothes but style them differently!

Part of the workshop was a game wherein we styled our big sister fashion bloggers using different accessories in love diva.  Here's what we did on Ms. Sarah. We tried to match it to her outfit.

Here's what the other bloggers did. Everyone had fun dressing up their big sister divas!

We made quite a mess of the shop but these love diva girls were kind enough to put the accessories back to their places. 

Here's my companion that day, Ate Mica. I found out about the contest because of her. I went very minimal to almost none with my makeup.

Here's Ms. Sarah and Ate Mica.

There are so many designs to choose from and I probably haven't even seen all of them yet, but here are some of my favorites from the shop:

I will definitely come back for those! This shop has really unique pieces and with the wide variety of designs, I'm sure you'll find one that will go well with your outfit!

Our Certificate of Participation entitled us to P1000.00 worth of love diva accessories. Wow! Attendees had first dibs on the accessories but don't worry! There are still so many designs to choose from! I had a hard time choosing mine, but here's my pick. I got it because it looks classy and it brings out my youth.

It matches my compact too!

Overall, I am really happy I got to attend this workshop. It's my first blogging event in my less than one month of blogging here at Kitty Fairy. Hopefully there will be many more!

Diva Philippines
Alabang Town Center
(beside Petit Monde. right across Accessorize)

Thank you so much love diva! xx


  1. Wow! Thanks for the post here in your awesome fashion blog. I learned this, "repeat clothes but style differently".

  2. glad to see you had fun! nice post and love what you chose to take home :)

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  3. @Karen, that was my favorite tip too! :D

  4. @Ms. Sarah, thank you for choosing me to accompany you.

    I will!!! :))