December 31, 2011

e.l.f beauty clutch and plumping lip gloss trio

Hi, everybody! It's New Year's eve tonight and it's only proper that I make a post as sparkly and glamorous as the New Year! Time to get festive in my blog and talk about these holiday gift sets from e.l.f.!

A few days ago, a package from my relatives abroad arrived and in it were these beautiful beautiful makeup palette and lip gloss trio from e.l.f.! They came in the cutest glittery box because they're part of e.l.f.'s holiday edition gift sets. The cuter the packaging, the more I need to have it! Haha

This is the beauty clutch. It looks exactly like a clutch, doesn't it?! I've actually heard of this palette before and  have seen pictures of it online. I thought it was made of soft leather but really, it's made out of sturdy matte plastic.

December 30, 2011

Snapshots from today. My baby boy is now 1 year old! Happy Birthday, Justin Biboy! Thank you for making our whole lives happier!

James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation

I've been doing makeup for a lot of people lately so I just needed to stock up on the foundation/base department. I noticed my foundation color selection in my makeup kit is very poor. I only had colors fit for light skin tones. I also needed a really dark foundation to use for contour.

James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation is a current favorite among beauty bloggers and YouTube gurus in the Philippines and after reading reviews of it online, I knew I just had to give it a try. Positive reviews stated that this foundation gives full coverage and contains no SPF making it suitable for photo shoots. Exactly what I was looking for! Let's see if this product is worth the rave.

The compact foundation comes in a sleek back box. For some reason, the designs of the boxes of these two are different although they were manufactured on the same date. I wasn't able to ask the sales assistant because I was in a hurry when I purchased these and didn't notice until I had a good look at them at home. I actually looked for this in 2 malls and one James Cooper Salon before I got a hold of it. It's available in your local SM department store. We were just experiencing color coding that day so I had to look for it in places near my house.

December 28, 2011

Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner BK999

My last liquid eyeliner didn't quite live up to my expectations. It wasn't waterproof and it also smudged on my oily eyelids. After that horrible experience with that particular liquid eyeliner, I stopped using any liners on my eyes and told myself that the next liquid liner I am going to buy would really be good enough for me. It was quite a while before I got myself a new one.

As I was being assisted by a Majolica Majorca lady at my local department store (I was going to buy a powder foundation, an eyebrow thing, and a mascara), she let me try their Perfect Automatic Liner, which, not long ago, received a recognition award from Cosmo Beauty Awards. The color she tried on me was brownish since black eyeliner can sometimes be a little too severe especially on the eyes of a young girl like me. I didn't buy it though because I like to read reviews first before I purchase any product.

A few weeks later, I gave in because I already tried their products and I found their performance really impressive and the award given by Cosmo made it even more tempting to buy! I got the blackest one because I didn't see the brownish one on display and the lady wasn't there to assist me. Here are my thoughts on this product.

The thing with buying cosmetics that are not sealed is that you cannot be so sure that the product you are getting is fresh and no one else has tried/ opened it before. You don't have to worry about that with this eyeliner because it comes in a sealed package like this.

There was no instruction on how to use this liner, and if there was I never would have understood because it's written in Japanese. I assumed I were to remove the pink seals. Yup, that was the right thing to do. Once you remove the pink band near the cap, there will be a gap and you just have to push the cap and the body together until that gap is closed.

December 25, 2011

Life lately

1. New Make Up

2. Cute Post-It Flags

3. My Afternoon Snack 

4. The best cake ever

1. Some recently acquired make up. Expect reviews in the future. 2. I came across these cute Post-it Flags at a local bazaar near my school. They were PHP 10 each so I stocked up on 'em. Hehehe. 3. I am high on chocolates right now because some of my relatives abroad came home for Christmas and they brought a lot. 4. Vhal gave me this Fresh Cream strawberry cake from the newly opened Tous Les jours branch at SM Southmall. He knew I wanted to try it so bad and I must say, it's one of the yummiest cakes I've tasted in my life!

PS: I've always wanted to do this. LOLOLOL. A little bit of photography on my blog! Although, I admit these have been retouched. Hehehe. I was going to make a review today but since it's Christmas, I decided to do something different. Happy Christmas everyone! x.