December 31, 2011

e.l.f beauty clutch and plumping lip gloss trio

Hi, everybody! It's New Year's eve tonight and it's only proper that I make a post as sparkly and glamorous as the New Year! Time to get festive in my blog and talk about these holiday gift sets from e.l.f.!

A few days ago, a package from my relatives abroad arrived and in it were these beautiful beautiful makeup palette and lip gloss trio from e.l.f.! They came in the cutest glittery box because they're part of e.l.f.'s holiday edition gift sets. The cuter the packaging, the more I need to have it! Haha

This is the beauty clutch. It looks exactly like a clutch, doesn't it?! I've actually heard of this palette before and  have seen pictures of it online. I thought it was made of soft leather but really, it's made out of sturdy matte plastic.

When you open the palette, you will see 32 eyeshadows and 3 applicators. When you slide the second drawer open, in it are 6 lip colors, 1 eyebrow powder, 1 eyebrow cream, 2 blushes, and a bronzer, and a face shimmer. Whew, that's a lot of product for this one compact kit.

The eyeshadow palette contains colors that will provide you with all the colors you need to take your look from day time to night time. I used to have a difficult time picking out colors that will go with my outfit and desired makeup look for the day/ night because my eyeshadow colors are limited. I don't have to worry about that now because this palette will help me create different looks for any occassion! Let me swatch these for you.

Eyeshadows: 1st Row

Eyeshadows: 2nd Row

Eyeshadows: 3rd Row

Eyeshadows: 4th Row
These colors are more beautiful in real life! As you can see, the finishes of these eyeshadows range from shimmer to glitter! There are a few that appear matte in the pictures but I didn't find one which was truly matte. Those being closest to matte had little flecks of shimmer in it. There are some shadows that are less pigmented than the others but no worries as pigmentation is buildable. 

The bottom drawer houses the face, eyebrow, and lip colors.

Bronzer, Blush, Blush, Face Shimmer
The powders are really pigmented. I love the color selection as well. The bronzer has just the right hint orange and brown. The peachy blush has a golden sheen and I am in love with how it looks on my cheek bones! The shimmer is not so overwhelming and photographs well. The pink blush mimics the natural flush of the cheeks. The face shimmer I feel just melts into the skin tone. I use it to highlight my cupid's bow because that's the only place it doesn't seem to disappear into.

Lip Colors
I think the pigmentation of these colors could be better. They are very sheer and are more like lip tints. I kind of like them that way though. I am such a lip junkie but there are days I prefer just a hint of color on my lips.

Eyebrow Powder, Eyebrow Cream
I'm still getting used to doing my eyebrows. The eyebrow cream helps in making my eyebrows appear more opaque than when I use eyebrow powder alone which is what I do all the time. The eyebrow powder sort of just sets it and lightens it up a bit when I have applied too much of the eyebrow cream.

  • Good Pigmentation
  • Wide Range of Colors
  • Good for Touch Ups and On-the-go Ladies
  • Small enough to fit most clutches
  • Sturdy Packaging
  • Affordable- $13!
  • Available locally- It is called "Makeup Clutch!" PHP 899.75

  • Pigmentation of Lip colors
  • Pigmentation of Face Shimmer
  • Some Eyeshadows are not as Pigmented as the others

I am so glad I got this as a gift because it's probably something I never would have picked up for myself. I like single makeup products more and try to build up my personal makeup kit depending on my needs for everyday so as not to waste any product. It would have never occurred to me that getting a palette like this would me more economical because I will just think "Meh, I can't possibly use all these colors up in my lifetime!" After playing with this palette, I fell in love! Having a lot of colors to play with not only helps me create different looks I need for a specific day/event but it also helps me get out of my comfort zone and start being experimental. I highly recommend!

This is the plumping lip gloss trio. This is such a blessing in disguise since my lips are so boring and thin, I am looking for lip glosses to help me plump up that pout!

The packaging is very nice. They come in light plastic tubes with a doe foot applicator. 

The three shades in the set are Baby Doll, Oasis, and Mauve Berry. Baby Doll is a light pink with shimmer. I feel like Oasis and Baby Doll are the same colors but Oasis being more shimmery. Mauve Berry is my favorite. The name pretty much describes the color. As to the consistency of these lip glosses, it is very thick. So thick that the doe foot applicator doesn't seem to pick up enough product to cover the whole lip area. 

Baby Doll, Oasis, Mauve Berry
Swatches! As I have mentioned, consistency is very thick and doe foot applicator doesn't pick up much product so I find it really hard to spread the gloss on my lips. I keep reapplying to achieve a really pouting lip. Yes, it does add to the plumpness of my lips but nothing remarkable. It sort of just blurs the edges of my lips so the line disappears making them appear fuller.

Good Price $3
Good Packaging
Mauve Berry

So-so Pigmentation
Doe Foot applicator- Wish it were a brush
Hard to Apply
Toothpaste Scent
Okay Plumping Power

I really want to be positive about this product but it's just disappointing. Maybe if the doe foot applicator were a brush, people like me will have a better experience using it. They look so nice on the lips though!

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  1. I absolutely adore E.L.F.! High quality products that don't leave you destitute.

    I'm sorry you didn't think much of the lip gloss set.