December 30, 2011

James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation

I've been doing makeup for a lot of people lately so I just needed to stock up on the foundation/base department. I noticed my foundation color selection in my makeup kit is very poor. I only had colors fit for light skin tones. I also needed a really dark foundation to use for contour.

James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation is a current favorite among beauty bloggers and YouTube gurus in the Philippines and after reading reviews of it online, I knew I just had to give it a try. Positive reviews stated that this foundation gives full coverage and contains no SPF making it suitable for photo shoots. Exactly what I was looking for! Let's see if this product is worth the rave.

The compact foundation comes in a sleek back box. For some reason, the designs of the boxes of these two are different although they were manufactured on the same date. I wasn't able to ask the sales assistant because I was in a hurry when I purchased these and didn't notice until I had a good look at them at home. I actually looked for this in 2 malls and one James Cooper Salon before I got a hold of it. It's available in your local SM department store. We were just experiencing color coding that day so I had to look for it in places near my house.

CF-02 (left), CF-03 (right)
Ingredients are written on the back side of the box.

James Cooper cosmetics are made in France, by the way! James Cooper does not have any website or fan page (none that I know of anyway) so some people are curious where it's made.
The compact cream foundation itself is housed in a shiny round black plastic screw-top lid pot. I think the packaging is very professional looking. Each pot contains 20 grams of product and if you ask me, that's quite a lot of product compared to most cream foundations.

I got two shades CF-02 and CF-03. CF-02 looked a little peachy to me and I thought it would be perfect to double up as a corrector for the under eye area. CF-03 is the most brown in the bunch. I need it for contouring and when I'm doing makeup on darker skin tones. See below.
James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation CF-02 Light Beige (left) and CF-03 Medium Beige (right)

Here are the two foundations uncapped. I was in such a hurry to purchase these because I was running late for my appointment but thankfully, I think I did pretty well with the color selection. I've already used the James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation on my clients who have different skin types so I have the slightest idea on how this foundation goes for dry and oily skins. Read on to find out my thoughts.

Here are the swatches of these two foundations on the underside of my arm.

CF-02 (left), CF-03 (right)
James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation feels very creamy on the skin. I can't help but swirl my finger into the formula inside the pot to feel the creaminess, but I try to avoid that for hygienic purposes. I use a teaspoon or spatula to scoop out the product instead. Once applied on the skin it is very blendable and just melts on the skin. However, I found it hard to blend on dry skin so I use a really dense foundation brush instead of a sponge because I feel like the sponge is soaking up too much product instead of applying it onto the skin.

I once tried CF-03 on a client and it was her skin's perfect match. I made the mistake of layering the foundation too much because the product just disappeared into her skin. The same happened with CF-02. I tried it on a bot and it just melted into his skin. The result was too much oiliness and shine. Yes, despite the buildable coverage of this foundation, there is one thing which it lacks and that is oil control. My clients' faces oiled up in just the first hour after application. It even oiled up on dry skin! Good thing I was always there to blot of the excess oils and reapply powder. Whew.

First Swatch: Etude House Dream On Foundation #1 Light Beige
Second Swatch: Revlon PhotoReady Compact Makeup 150 Shell Coquillage
Third Swatch: James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation CF-02 Light Beige
Fourth Swatch: James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation CF-03 Medium Beige
For reference, the first two swatches of foundations are my shades. For the sake of showing you how well the coverage of this foundation, I succumbed to trying CF-02 on my face and ending up looking fairly like an Oompa Loompa. Please do not laugh.

First Photo: Bare Face with Spider veins
Second Photo: Light Application of James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation
Third Photo: Heavy Application of James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation
Fourth Photo: James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation set with powder
I have had spider veins on my cheeks as far as I can remember. My sister and my mom have them too so I guess it's all hereditary on my part. I really don't notice them on my face when I'm facing a mirror and I don't conceal them on regular days but they do appear on photographs and that can be quite annoying especially when it's a special event I'm attending and I want to look fabulous! I always make sure my foundation has medium to full coverage just enough to cover these nasty veins. James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation does the job, indeed! Spider veins are no longer noticeable with just a light layer of foundation.

I made it a point to show a light layer of the foundation on my face and a heavier coat all over. Notice how much shinier my face looks by adding a second layer? That can be cancelled out by patting on powder but it doesn't last long. You have to keep reapplying.

First Photo: Bare Face with Spider veins and Breakouts
Second Photo: Light Application of James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation
Third Photo: Heavy Application of James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation
Fourth Photo: James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation set with powder
The second photo set features me and hugeeeee zit and pimple marks. I don't usually get breakouts on my cheeks but here they are making an appearance just in time for this review. How convenient. I can show you just how well does it cover a pimple. Not!

Anyways, as you can see, pimple marks have disappeared and so had the redness of my pimple but it didn't really cover up the bump. My dark circles were somehow lightened but puffiness is still there.

After using this foundation a couple of times already, I can only offer you these tips:
  1. Start with a clean face. Wash face before applying to avoid excess oil.
  2. Use a blotting paper and blot foundation before applying powder to avoid oiling up later on.
  3. Pat powder on with a puff instead of dusting all over with a fluffy brush so as not to ruin the flawless canvas you have created with the foundation. I also believe oil is minimized more this way.
  4. You may use a mattifying primer before applying foundation.
  5. For dry skin, apply first with fingers to warm it up then blend with a foundation brush.

  • Buildable Coverage- Medium to Full
  • Professional-looking packaging
  • 6 Shades Available
  • Available locally- SM Department Stores
  • No SPF- Good for Photo shoots
  • Lasts Long- Coverage Does Not Fade
  • 20 grams of product- will last long

  • Tends to get oily after first hour
  • May be hard to blend on dry skin
  • May feel heavy on the skin
  • Needs to be set with powder- A lot (unless you like a dewy finish)
  • Does not fill in pores
  • No SPF- If you are to use this outdoors
  • PHP 550- I find it expensive! But still affordable but I wish it was cheaper.
This foundation gives a medium to full coverage and has no SPF which is perfect for pictorials and special events. For daily use, you may use SPF before applying. It may tend to get oily in a few hours but that can be fixed with primer, blotting paper and powder. If you don't mind a dewy finish, maybe you will like this. I actually like this foundation and I am thinking of getting the other shades as well for myself and my clients. 


  1. Which store did you buy these from?

    1. SM Southmall Department Store, Dear. :)