December 25, 2011

Life lately

1. New Make Up

2. Cute Post-It Flags

3. My Afternoon Snack 

4. The best cake ever

1. Some recently acquired make up. Expect reviews in the future. 2. I came across these cute Post-it Flags at a local bazaar near my school. They were PHP 10 each so I stocked up on 'em. Hehehe. 3. I am high on chocolates right now because some of my relatives abroad came home for Christmas and they brought a lot. 4. Vhal gave me this Fresh Cream strawberry cake from the newly opened Tous Les jours branch at SM Southmall. He knew I wanted to try it so bad and I must say, it's one of the yummiest cakes I've tasted in my life!

PS: I've always wanted to do this. LOLOLOL. A little bit of photography on my blog! Although, I admit these have been retouched. Hehehe. I was going to make a review today but since it's Christmas, I decided to do something different. Happy Christmas everyone! x.

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