December 28, 2011

Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner BK999

My last liquid eyeliner didn't quite live up to my expectations. It wasn't waterproof and it also smudged on my oily eyelids. After that horrible experience with that particular liquid eyeliner, I stopped using any liners on my eyes and told myself that the next liquid liner I am going to buy would really be good enough for me. It was quite a while before I got myself a new one.

As I was being assisted by a Majolica Majorca lady at my local department store (I was going to buy a powder foundation, an eyebrow thing, and a mascara), she let me try their Perfect Automatic Liner, which, not long ago, received a recognition award from Cosmo Beauty Awards. The color she tried on me was brownish since black eyeliner can sometimes be a little too severe especially on the eyes of a young girl like me. I didn't buy it though because I like to read reviews first before I purchase any product.

A few weeks later, I gave in because I already tried their products and I found their performance really impressive and the award given by Cosmo made it even more tempting to buy! I got the blackest one because I didn't see the brownish one on display and the lady wasn't there to assist me. Here are my thoughts on this product.

The thing with buying cosmetics that are not sealed is that you cannot be so sure that the product you are getting is fresh and no one else has tried/ opened it before. You don't have to worry about that with this eyeliner because it comes in a sealed package like this.

There was no instruction on how to use this liner, and if there was I never would have understood because it's written in Japanese. I assumed I were to remove the pink seals. Yup, that was the right thing to do. Once you remove the pink band near the cap, there will be a gap and you just have to push the cap and the body together until that gap is closed.

The brush applicator is made of synthetic bristles. It is something new to me since my previous eyeliners all had felt tip pen-like applicators. You will notice that the brush is clear because the eyeliner is unused yet. To dispense the product inside, remove the sticker on the dial and turn it. It took me about 10 turns at first before I got some product out. After that you will only need to turn the dial 1-2 times because more than that will release a too much of the formula and you will have to wipe of the excess with a tissue before applying it on your eyes to avoid a messy application. 

Don't forget to shake the eyeliner before each use to keep the product inside from drying out.

Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner BK999
Swatches! As you can see the brush applicator can produce thin and thick lines. The swatch applied with the lightest hand and the least amount of fluid are the top two lines. As you can see, opacity is not very opaque, but it can be increased by applying a second coat. Sometimes I think the thin consistency of the fluid is actually intended so user can build up the intensity of the line according to one's preference. I found out light and semi-opaque application produces subtle definition to the eyes while heavier and opaque application really sharpens the features of the eyes.

The finish is interesting. It is shiny and matte at the same time depending on how the light hits it. I prefer a matte finish but I'm not bothered by this one at all. My main concern is that it should help define my eyes and the color not to transfer to my upper eyelid. Yes, once the product has dried, it will not budge and stay on all day! Smudgeproof, check! Water resistant, check!

Wearing Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner BK999
I applied the eyeliner very thinly on the the inner corner of the lash line, thicker on the middle and tapered it towards the end. I also applied the remaining product on the outer lower lash line  for more definition. 

Basically, you can create the thinnest, thickest, and darkest black line with this eyeliner.

  • Waterproof. Easily removed when you wash your face or use makeup remover.
  • Stays on all day and does not fade. Once dried, color does not transfer to upper eyelid when you blink. I totally recommend to all girls with oily eyelids or watery eyes!
  • Smudgeproof. I gently rubbed my eye a few times and it did not budge.
  • Can create the thinnest and thickest lines depending on your preference.
  • Sealed for freshness!
  • Packaging is so cute. It fits a princess!
  • Brush tip is really soft and does not poke your eyelids.
  • Price is good for its performance. PHP 695 at SM Department Stores. I find Japanese products more expensive than some local, Korean or American beauty products. Majolica Majorca is one of the more affordable Japanese cosmetics if you ask me.
  • Buildable opacity and pigmentation.
  • Great for on-the-go girls or for touch-ups. More convenient than potted gel liners.
  • The amount of product released by the twist click dispensing mechanism can be difficult to control. Have a tissue paper near to wipe off excess.
  • May sting your eyes a bit. This happens when I apply it on my waterline.
  • First timers may need a while to get used to it. I think it took me a month before I got used to using it.
  • Thin consistency. I need to go over a few times before I get a really opaque line.
  • Since the applicator is a brush, be careful in putting the cap back on or you will end up with this:

This has already happened twice. I just cut it off.

At first, I had a hard time getting used to this eyeliner. It was difficult for me to control the thickness of the line and the amount of product released. It took me a while to get used to, but once I did I was able to control the thickness of my lines and I was able to create a precise wing or a very defined cat eye.

The thing I like most about this eyeliner is it's staying power. It lasts all day on my eyes and the color does not transfer or smudge. My eyelids are a little bit hooded and I have experienced my eyeliner staining the upper part of my lid. This has never happened with this liner though so I am really impressed!

However, I probably won't repurchase BK999 once I run out since it is not as black and opaque as I would like to be and I am looking for one with a really matte finish. Let's just say, I'd like to try other black liquid liners before I pick my favorite. I want to try the other colors of Perfect Automatic Liner though, that's for sure! 

All in all, I approve of this liner and will recommend it to anyone who is a liquid liner- user, cute packaging-lover and on-the-go- charmer. (LOLOL. Tried my best at parallelism and grammar.) 

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