February 29, 2012

February Favorites

I know I had been neglecting this blog of mine for the last couple of months so I figured I couldn't possibly let another month pass by without making a post! We didn't have classes yesterday, and also won't be having today, and tomorrow! Although we do have a pile of case digests to work on, I am taking a break to make a quick post on these products that have made it to my top favorites this month.

I think I might have been bitten by the lazy bug because the only thing I've been wearing lately is lip balm. Maybelline Baby Lips makes my lips baby smooth in an instant! I've used up much of the product already not because it dries out fast on the lips but because I really really like it! It would have been better though if the tinted variants from USA were also sold in the Philippines. I really want to try the pink one! Etude House Styling Eye Liner is the blackest and smoothest black eyeliner I've tried. I didn't expect to like this eyeliner  this much but I do! It works well on the lash line and the water line because it glides on smoothly yet stays put throughout the day! The consistency of the liner is also good if you want to smudge the eyeliner around your eyes. Etude House Tear Drop Powder was brought by le boyfriend. I feel so bad that I used it on a client- it should be mine, all mine! LOLOL. I won't do it again now, I promise. I love the shimmery effect of this powder which reminds me of the galaxy!!! My favorite from the e.l.f beauty clutch is the shimmery peach blush, eyebrow powder, and eyebrow cream! I use them the most in this palette. I hope they sell them individually so I don't have to purchase the whole palette when I run out! This kit has also helped me a lot in my makeup gigs! I just make sure to disinfect after each use.

These brushes have helped me a lot in my personal application and freelance work. I now understand why a lot of beauty gurus love the MAC 217 brush. It blends eyeshadows beautifully! I feel like a pro when I use this! Haha, kidding. I just really love using this brush! Next, Etude House Foundation brush is probably my favorite out of my Etude house brush collection, which, by the way, is one brush away from being completed! This foundation brush is the perfect size and blends foundation and BB cream into the skin really well! This has been listed as one of the Best Items in the Korean Etude House website so I guess a lot of Korean girls will agree with me when I say, "This brush is amazing!" Marionnaud Angled Blush Brush is so dense and soft! I use this to apply the peach blush from e.l.f!

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Toner refreshes my skin in the morning and soothes it at night! Ever since I started using this product, I noticed my skin became brighter and smoother. I think this will be my default toner for quite some time. My mom dropped my huge bottle and the cap got chipped so I transferred some of the content to my old 59ml bottle, which I also keep for travelling purposes! 

Here are other beauty related products that have made it to my list. I'm including Watsons Spray Bottle to my list because this is where I put the alcohol to disinfect my makeup and my hands. I am actually thinking of getting more of these to put water, toner, etc. The bottle is so cute! Etude House Silky Cotton Pad is unlike any other cotton pad I've purchased before. The cotton pad is wrapped in a cotton sheet, which I can remove when it's dirty, and then, I use the clean cotton pad inside to wipe the rest of my face. Pretty efficient since if you keep rubbing the dirtied side of a cotton ball all over your face, you will just end up spreading the bacteria  rather than removing it.

There you have it! What are your top picks this February? xx.