March 26, 2012


Hello! My grandmother from my mother's side recently came home from the US. She knows all about my makeup artist job right now so she gave me these cosmetics from Aziza!

If I remember correctly, they sell Aziza in Japan Home Center, Festival Mall. I wanted to buy so I'm really glad I got these as gifts instead. Thanks, Lola!

I picked out these three, because I didn't have these colors in my makeup kit yet. She brought more of these but I just picked the ones that were running low or I didn't have yet.

Black Eyeliners! I prefer pencil eyeliners because they're more hygienic.

Eye shadows! I really prefer compact eye shadow palettes like these rather than those palettes with almost 100 shadows. I might invest in one someday, but for now, I enjoy playing with these pre-made eye palettes. It's easier for me to determine which eye shadow colors match.

I might do a future review on these goodies. xx

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