March 22, 2012

Easy Gradient Nail Tutorial

Today I decided to make an easy nail tutorial. I accidentally created this nail art when I did my manicure last week. I noticed that the glittery nail polish I used reminded me so much of the galaxy. I added more glitter and I liked the final product very much! 

For this tutorial, you will need:

Base Coat
Chrome Pink/ Gray or Silver Nail Polish
Glittery Pink/ Silver Nail Polish
Glittery Blue Nail Polish
Top Coat 
I won't be asking you to use the same products that I did so I didn't bother naming them. These are just some polishes I hoarded from my grandmother. She has quite a lot and is really good with nail art. She used to paint flowers on my nails when I was little! Nursery- little!

Before I begin, I like to use a hand cream. This is Missing U Peach Panda from Etude House. So cute! I hope the design won't fade so I could re-use the container.

1. Start with clear nails. Shape them as you wish! I like to keep mine square with rounded edges.

 2. Apply your base coat first. Base coat will strengthen your nails and will also prevent your polish from chipping or peeling.

3. Apply base color that you want. Last time I used a gray base color for my nails to make the finish of the glittery polish more opaque. It highlighted the silver glitters more. This time, I want more feminine nails so I decided to try this chrome pink color!

Finish coating all your nails with the base color. One coat is enough.

4. Apply glittery nail polish all over your nails. One coat is enough. The pink base I applied earlier is peeking through the glittery polish over it.

Finish coating your nails with the glittery nail polish.

I like the effect of the pink color base more than the gray color base I used last week. It just gives this look a more girly feel!

5. Concentrate more color on the outer end of your nail to give it that gradient effect. Apply light  blue glitter nail polish on the outer end of your nail. Let it dry a bit before doing the next step.

6. Apply another coat of the light blue glitter polish over the first coat of light blue glitter polish. Go a little way past the line where the first coat of light blue polish meets the glittery pink to give that gradient effect.

Keep applying light blue glitter polish until you achieve desired intensity of color. Lastly, apply top coat!!!

FINISHED PRODUCT! Hmm, I think I picked out more Barbie colors than Galaxy colors, but I really like how it turned out!

SIDE NOTE: I was able to go with my family to the advance screening of The Hunger Games at SM Bicutan (or Bi-CUE-tan as my father called it. Haha) last night! I gotta say the story in the book was well portrayed throughout the movie! There were very little modifications but over all, it didn't disappoint! Even my parents liked it! Watch it for yourself and read the book, I swear you're gonna love it! I also dropped by the Etude House boutique in SM Bicutan and I found that theirs is well-stocked compared to other branches near home. I want to go back there! Someone please teach me how to commute to SM Bi-CUE-tan!

Also, after holding myself back for so long, I was finally able to try it! MAGNUM! I was only planning on buying two but, I ate three today (and never again, I hope). Hehehe. Yummy!!!!! Now I know why so many people are hooked! Seriously though, Chocolate has addictive properties, so be careful if you're on a diet! :)

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