April 19, 2012

Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic

I bought this kit at the beginning of the year but didn't write a review sooner because I wanted to make sure whether the products worked for me or not. I made a wish list of all Benefit products I wanted to try last year but this Concealaholic Kit wasn't included then. This year, I'm going for the "no makeup" makeup look for everyday wear and if I want to achieve a healthy complexion, I need concealer to hide my blemishes and dark circles.

Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic Kit is your secret concealing and brightening kit. It comes with eight different Benefit products for perfecting the complexion, and a mini booklet with instructions on how to use the products. I just love the witty humor Benefit uses in naming and describing their products. I find it really entertaining!

The products included in the kit are:

  • That Gal Brightening
  • Erase Paste No.2 
  • Boi-ing 01
  • Boi-ing 02
  • Lemon Aid
  • Eye Bright; and
  • 2 Double Ended Brushes for Boi-ing, Erase Paste, Eye bright, and Lemon aid.

I was surprised the products were made in different parts of the world. I only thought Benefit products were made in San Francisco, USA, the brand's origin. I guess that's what makes the products priced above par?

When I got this product, I was swept away by the super cute packaging! It reminds me of a little diary, which brings back my little girl days since I used to keep a personal journal myself. FYI, I'm one of those girls who are successful in keeping a journal. I like writing down what happens to me everyday. I think that's why I like blogging. I just love writing!

The kit has a top lid which closes with a thud. The lid is not loose since magnets hold it down. Inside, there is  this transparent cover sheet to keep the products fresh and clean.

That Gal (Brightening Face Primer)
This strawberry pink cream has a pleasant sour candy smell- it's probably the yummiest scent in the world! You're supposed to apply this on the cheeks, and down the center of the face. I don't use a lot of product since a little goes a long way. It sinks pretty quickly into the skin though so you have to be really quick with it. At first, it gave me an odd prickling sensation on my cheeks, but that only happened once- probably a reaction to my skin care product. As to the brightening effect, I'd say, the effect is really subtle. I use a brightening foundation though and this sort of amplifies the radiance. It's also a nice base for my foundation to stick on to. I initially wanted to get a full size bottle so I'm glad it came with the kit so I could try it out before I jump in and buy it. If I could give one piece of beauty advice, it would be "Try Samples first."

Erase Paste (Brightening Camouflage for Eyes and Face)
This peachy creamy concealer really takes away my dark circles but doesn't do much for the puffiness under my eyes (I was kind of expecting it to take that away too). A little goes a long way because the consistency is really creamy which is why it creases on the fine lines of my eyes if I don't set it with powder. I take this out from the kit and throw it in my everyday makeup bag since the jar is so small, it's convenient to carry around. It can be used under the brow bone too to brighten up the arch area.

Boi-ing 01 and 02 (Industrial Strength Concealer)
It comes in two shades so you can customize according to your coloring. None of the two shades match me so I do have to mix my own shade. I'd say the consistency is really thick and I have to warm it up with my fingers before I apply it on my face or else it will look cakey. It hides the spider veins (which is what I look for in a really good concealer) on my cheeks but not for long. It fades after the first hour or so even if I set it with powder. I sometimes use this over Erase Paste just to see if it will hide the puffiness. It doesn't.

Lemon Aid (color correcting eyelid primer)
I love the color payoff of this! The yellowy cream corrector brightens up my eyes giving me that wide awake look. I have hooded lids though and they are really oily so this one creases on me- even if I set it with powder.

Eye bright (instant eye brightener)
This is a shimmery light pink cream meant to be used on the inner corners of the eyes. It brings in more light to the eyes making them appear wider and brighter. I just wish Benefit just made a trial size of this in pencil form because I also like applying this on my waterline. It works the same way as a white eyeliner, with the effect being subtler and more natural.

Double Ended Brushes
I like using these to apply the products on my face but I still use my fingers on most days since some products really need warming up before application. 


That Gal; Erase Paste; Boi-ing 01; Boi-ing 02; Lemon Aid; Eye Bright

That Gal; Erase Paste; Boi-ing; Boi-ing; Lemon Aid; Eye Bright
  • This kit is packed with 8 Benefit's top sellers.
  • The scent of That Gal is really pleasant.
  • The color payoff of Lemon Aid.
  • The concealing power of Erase Paste.
  • The packaging is adorable.
  • The brightening effect of Eye Bright
  • Pricey, but I got this for cheaper at Red Girl Shop!
  • Consistency of Boi-ing Concealers.
  • Products are only good for use for a couple of months. (PAO symbol)
  • I adore this kit! Even though I got disappointed with some of the products, I still use this because it contains the essentials for my everyday makeup meaning I can use it up and not waste it. It's a nice buy if you're just starting with Benefit products and would like to try samples first.

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