April 15, 2012

Dear My Blooming Lips-talk OR204, PK004, and PK005

Last night, I was finally able to grab some lipsticks from Etude House's new makeup line, "Dear My!" This is Etude House's  Spring/ Summer collection for 2012. It features vibrant shades that are sure to make you blooming this season! The whole collection  consists of 24 lip colors, 16 new lip glosses, 2 pacts, 6 polishes, and 4 blushers. Learn more about the line here.

The lipstick collection is called Dear My Blooming Lips-talk which features 24 emotional lip colors for a wide range of expressions to let your lips do the talking.

I got three colors from the "hot color" picks: OR204 (Bashful Coral), PK004 (Breathless Pink), and PK005 (Exciting Pink). I initially wanted to get OR204, PK005, BE101, and RD304. BE101 looked almost identical to my Wannabe Color Lips #3 So Chic Beige and RD304 wasn't on display yet. I was able to swatch the colors since I saw that the tubes were still unused. The line was released only yesterday!

Ah, when it comes to packaging, Etude House does not disappoint~! What more is there to say about it? It's cute, it's pink, it's fit for a princess!

Etude says: Smooth textured lipstick supplies vivid color and moist shine. 
You get 3.4 grams of product and it's good for up to 18 months of use after opening.

What I like most about the tube's design is the ribbon! The whole design reminds me of a bouquet of flowers. It's an interesting design that girly girls will surely love.

It might not be visible on the photo but the light pink tube also has a pretty pink sheen wherever the light hits it. Winner design!

OR204, PK004, PK005

Here are the shades I got. They appear a little bit more saturated in the photo above but the following photos are pretty close to the real colors of the lipsticks.


Bashful Coral

COMMENTS: This is a bright coral/candy color but still great for everyday wear. It's hard to explain but its name really does suit the lipstick. It's a bright color indeed but not *that* loud to scare people off.

Breathless Pink

COMMENTS: This is a fuchsia pink with a subtle hint of neon. I can imagine this being inspired by the sudden rush of color on your cheeks when you are experiencing a really heart-racing moment like when your crush is confessing his love for you and then starts moving in closer for the kiss! Hahahaha, Oh my gosh, what am I saying.

Exciting Pink

COMMENTS: This color makes your lips appear as if they are in love! It reminds me of light pink roses in full bloom! If you want to achieve a cute flirty flush of pink on your lips, this one does it.

OR204, PK004, PK005

  • There are many colors to choose from! You're sure to find one you will like. Honestly though, I think they're all pretty and it doesn't really matter what shade you get. Seriously.
  • You can build up the intensity of the color. It goes on pretty sheer on the first swipe then turns bolder after a few more swipes.
  • Youthful vibrant colors that don't make you look older.
  • All of the colors are bright but not scary.
  • I like colors that appear neon on the lips. These appear to have that factor. You are sure to get noticed!
  • Creamy formula glides on smoothly.
  • Packaging! Of course!
  • Staying power is good! For as long as you do not eat or drink.

  • Tends to cling on to the dry spots on your lips.
  • Mid-range price (P 478.00 a pop!). Not cheap, but not expensive either. Hard to tell what to expect from it.
  • I wish the Kiss Note diary came as a freebie. Hehe.
  • Lipstick must be reapplied since it fades after eating. 
  • So so pigmentation. You need to build up the color. I don't really mind though. I like swiping more product.

If you have dry lips like I do, be sure to exfoliate and moisturize before application. If you have dark lips, use concealer on the outer corners of your lips since I found that these lipsticks don't cover them up well. All in all, I'm so happy with my new lipsticks! If I could buy all 24 colors, I would but I am just a poor college girl. Hahaha. Next on my shopping list:
  • PK002
  • PK008
  • OR203
  • RD304
  • BE101

Swatches side by side: OR204, PK004, PK005


  1. Hi! I have just discovered these lipsticks and I love them. I think they are super cute! xoxo

    1. indeed! there are a couple more lipsticks from the collection i want to buy. :)

  2. I love PK005 better on you!

    I heard EH has an ongoing sale until Oct 31. I wish this line is on sale too! :-)

    Hope you can support a newbie blogger! :-)

    1. Thanks, Jemimah! Yes, I heard. I haven't had a chance to visit yet though. Hopefully! :)

      Will do! :)