April 12, 2012

Etude House Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips #4 Miss Tangerine Tangerine

Etude House's Miss Tangerine line has been around for quite a while already but I just got my hands on one of their products a few days ago. I originally wanted the VIP girl lipsticks in the line, but they always run out. I also thought they were limited edition so when I found a cheaper alternative (Kokuryu Flame) in the department store, I got that. I like a bright orange lipstick because it looks so trendy and is an interesting addition in any girl's makeup kit.

After trying an orange lipstick I found it too bold for everyday wear. I thought that was the end to my orange lipstick fancy until I saw a pretty swatch of this lip product in one of the blogs I read and I immediately fell in love. I don't know why I just got this now though. The packaging itself is enough for me to buy it! (Sucker for cute packaging, I know!) 

The packaging is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. I love that the box is of pinstripes and polka dots! Two of my favorite patterns in one! It also has these little flower doodles since the line features vibrant tangerine and pink shades for spring/summer.

The tube itself is a glossy peach with polka dot detail. This has to be the most interesting design of a lipstick yet! Actually it looks and feels expensive. The design is far from Etude's usual princess type packaging.

A description of the product in English along with other useful information can be found at the back of the box. 

Etude Says: Glossy moist lipstick in fabulous, Tangerine shades for juicy , tangy lips.
You get 2.3 grams of product, which is pretty small compared to most lipsticks. The PAO or "Period after Opening" logo reveals that the product is good for use up to 18 months after opening.

There are five shades for this lip product.
#1 Shiny Pink Shower
#2 Sweet Berry Blossom
#3 Miss Sunny Tangerine
#4 Miss Tangerine Tangerine
#5 Sweet Peach Shower
I got #4 Miss Tangerine Tangerine. I don't know yet if I am going to get another shade. I'm thinking Sweet Berry Blossom since the others seem to have shimmer to them. I'm not really a fan of shimmer in lip products.

The color on the tube is a glossy bright orange. I can't see a hint of red or yellow to it. Just orange. It's pretty close to the color on the sticker.

I think the product got its name because of its moist texture. Look at the product in the tube, doesn't it appear wet? lol.

The product is so compact inside the tube! How do we get it out, you say? 

We turn the dial on the bottom end of the tube. A seal can be found on an unused tube and I think it says that you only need to get1~2 mm of the product out to use. Do not try getting way more out than that. I'm not sure if it will go back.

After 10 or so clicks, I got enough product out to apply on my lips! I found that you can retract it too, but still do not get out more product than you need. The twist-click dispensing mechanism can be tricky! You know how you used to get your lip balm all the way out only to find that it can't be pushed back? Well, it might happen so be careful.


I would say the color is a saturated light orange. The glossy texture of the lipstick made the finish more sheer.


  • Unique Packaging but really Cute!
  • Goes on really smooth on the lips because of the watery texture.
  • Does not emphasize dry spots on the lips. This feels like a lip balm!
  • Tangerine Color is wearable everyday. It's not too bright 
  • Smells yummy! It has an orange scent.
  • Leaves a subtle tangerine tint


  • Is a little pricey for the amount of product you get. (PHP 398 for 2.5 grams) The packaging and the design make up for it though!
  • Is not as pigmented as a lipstick. It's a little more sheer but you can build up the color.

I recommend this to anyone who would like to start wearing orange lipsticks without the boldness. This is a moisturizing lipstick and if you, like me, find Etude House lipsticks a little pasty in texture, you might want to give Sweet Shower Lips a try. Miss Tangerine Tangerine is a sweet fresh color you don't normally see everyday. I think I might want to try Sweet Berry Blossom next. :)

Lastly, more pictures from my phone! Me wearing Sweet Shower Lips #4


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