April 7, 2012

My Lipstick Love Affair: Hot Pink Lipsticks

I guess my fascination with lipsticks can be traced back during my primary years. My mom had this pretty beige/coral lipstick when I was younger and I always liked trying it out because it was such a pretty color. I didn't wear lipstick to school though, I was shy because it made me feel mature already. Haha!

Now, I can totally say I outgrew that phase because out of all the things in my makeup kit, I wear lipsticks most often.

I started buying lipsticks when I was in my freshman year in college. Before that, I just go with lip tints since I really can't handle the stickiness of lipsticks. I'm used to it now though. The too good to resist colors of lipsticks made me switch!

In the past year, I got obsessed with bright pink lipsticks. I guess it was a post-depression reaction from not being able to get my hands on MAC's Candy Yum Yum. I kept looking for a close match and before I knew it, majority of my lipstick collection is composed of pinks. This is the reason why I imposed a lipstick ban on myself too. I kept buying but I didn't want to waste!

They all look pretty similar in the picture but there is difference in texture and hue.

I also started buying things online last year so some of the brands featured here can't be found in local department stores. I got some of these from bazaars though!

Since I think most people would like to wear hot pink lipsticks too, I decided to make this post to help them compare.

My hot pink lipstick collection

Lipsticks swatched on Paper
Left to Right:

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Addis Ababa
Wet n' Wild Lipstick 511B
Sleek Makeup Lipstick Amped
Barry M Lip paint Vibrant Pink
Barry M Lip paint Shocking Pink
In2it Lipstick Pink Alarm
Lime Crime Lipstick Countessa Flourescent
Models Own Lipstick Hot Pink

NYX Addis Ababa

At first, I didn't like the texture of this lip cream, It emphasized cracks on my lips and it's super sticky. I almost gave up on it. It took me a while before I finally got the application right. You're supposed to put a thin layer first, then wait for it to dry before applying another coat. I used to apply it like a gloss, silly me. Anyways, I am loving this color! It has a neon effect to it and it has tiny flecks of glitter. Sometimes, the glitter isn't even visible, but when the light hits it right you'll know it's there. It isn't the shimmery type of glitter you see in lip glosses or lipsticks. It actually reminds me of chunky multi-colored glitter in body mists! Really pretty! Just be sure to moisturize your lips because this can be really drying!

Wet n' Wild 511B

I saw the lady from the Wet n' Wild counter wearing this and it was such a pretty color on her so I got it! Sadly, it doesn't look the way it did on hers when I put it on. I wouldn't say it has a neon effect to it. It's not a youthful color, either. Simply put, it doesn't suit me! As for the texture, it's moisturizing! It glides on smoothly but it doesn't give a plumped up effect to the lips either. It just feels like lip balm.

Sleek Amped

This is a matte pink with a hint of purple to it. I would have liked it if it didn't flake on my lips. It's known as a good dupe for Candy Yum Yum. Beautiful beautiful color but the formula doesn't work for me.

Barry M Lip paint Vibrant Pink

This matte lipstick glides on really creamy and has an opaque finish. It's the perfect barbie pink shade!

Barry M Lip paint Shocking Pink

This is a deeper hot pink than Barry M Vibrant Pink. It is super bright! Everytime I wear it, it's like there's a party in my mouth. You can wear it in the day but let me tell you, this is a lipstick shade that does not go unnoticed! Be prepared for lots of comments and stares!

In2it Lipstick Pink Alarm

First hot pink lipstick I ever bought! It is an interesting mix because it's not all hot pink, it has a blue sheen to it. I don't like to wear this alone though. I like to layer this over light pinks to make an interesting color mix! It adds kick to my everyday boring pinks. This also leaves a pretty tint, so if I wear it alone, it would be for that. :)

Lime Crime Lipstick Countessa Flourescent

I've been looking for this lipstick ever since I first heard about the brand in 2009, I think? Lime Crime has the brightest and cutest color selection, and when I found a legit seller in a bazaar, I gave in! This is the last of my lipstick purchases. I would say I was a bit disappointed with the formula. It's not flaky or too creamy- it's just different from what I had expected. I was expecting it to erase lines on my lips, LOL. As for the shade, it's also a pretty Barbie Pink! And the packaging is super cute!

Models Own Hot Pink

This lipstick looks matte in the tube but it goes on really creamy. It has a glossy finish and probably has the formula I favor most. It somehow plumps up my lips but I can't smile much when I'm wearing this. It makes my teeth look really yellow.

If you will ask me to rank these lipsticks I'd say:
1. Barry M Shocking Pink
2. NYX Addis Ababa
3. Barry M Vibrant Pink
4. In2It Pink Alarm
5. Models Own Hot Pink
6. Lime Crime Countessa Flourescent
7. Sleek Amped
8. Wet n' Wild 511B

I hope that was helpful! 


  1. Like you, I am collecting possible CYY dupes. But if you have a relative in the US, you can get your hands on some by August! I think CYY made it to the top 3 limited eds that they'll be returning for online selling. I have Addis Ababa and Sleek Amped in my stash! I heard NYX matte Shocking Pink is also a good dupe so I got myself one. Lemming the last five lipsticks you described. :P

    1. Hi, Janine! Yes, I do hope CYY will be making a comeback in August! I'm thinking of buying online though. Hopefully, I could get some before they run out. Do get Barry M Shocking pink. It's such a unique hot pink color! I actually wanted to get NYX Shocking Pink too but I decided I should finish these lippies first. Hehe.