June 12, 2012

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow

On days where I want to wear no makeup at all, the least I could do is to groom my brows. Our eyebrows frame our face and making them look more polished than usual can make a whole lot of difference. For one, shaping our brows thinly makes us look older and our eyes smaller while shaping them a bit fuller will result in a younger looking face and rounder eyes. Go try it and see for yourself! Now, when it comes to brows, here is one product I  swear by- Etude House Drawing Eye brows!
Drawing eye brows comes in a refillable double ended auto pencil. There are 6 shades to choose from:
#1 Dark Brown
#2 Black Brown
#3 Brown
#4 Dark Gray
#5 Gray
#6 Black

June 11, 2012

Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer

Today's review will be about Shiseido's Natural Finish Cream Concealer. I got this concealer a while back from my grandmother in the US when she came home for a visit. Before, I didn't have any concealers in my kit, but because I purchased Benefit's Confession of a Concealaholic kit, which has a total of 3 concealers, and now this, I have more than I need!
Shiseido says "Perfectly cover flaws and match skin tone for a flawless, natural finish. Superior coverage to conceal dark circles, dullness and areas of unevenness like reddened cheeks, discoloration and freckles. Awarded for “The Best Camouflaging Concealer” in New Beauty Magazine! NON-COMEDOGENIC. DERMATOLOGIST AND OPHTHALMOLOGIST-TESTED."
There are 5 shades available and I have this concealer in No. 2, Light Medium. There's 10 ml. of product and a tube is good for use up to 24 months upon opening which is a pretty long time, if you ask me. This concealer is also perspiration, water, and oil resistant.

June 10, 2012

May Favorites

For the month of May, I didn't wear foundation that much because my skin got a little darker. Hot weather causes my skin to dry up and my foundation to cake up so I avoided wearing full face makeup as much as possible. To make up for that, I focused on adding color to my face, taming my hair, and polishing my brows! Here are my top picks for the month of May!

1. Benefit Erase Paste Mini This is the mini Erase Paste included in my Confessions of a Concealaholic kit which I take out and toss into my makeup bag. I like this concealer because it brightens my under-eye area. I tend to stay up late during summer so my eye bags can get really bad. The mini size is perfect for me because I can take it with me to touch up when I'm out! I have to set this with powder though.

2. Etude House Look at My Eyes BE101 Banana Latte and 3. PP501 Sweet Potato Latte I did a makeup post about these two shadows here. Unlike most Look at My Eyes shadows, these two aren't as shimmery. Banana Latte is so close to my skin tone, I can fake a higher arch and a brighter inner eye corner without looking too obvious. Sweet Potato Latte adds a bit more depth to my eyes and is a good alternative to my usual brown shadows. Boyfie bought these for me so I use them a lot! :)
4. Majolica Majorca Brow Powder BR666 I use a brow pencil then top it with this. It makes my brows look fuller and darker. Thankfully, it doesn't look bad with my colored hair. I'm trying to use up my remaining brow makeups before I switch up to one which is a perfect match for my new hair.

5. Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner BK999 I have to confess that for the month of May, I have not once washed my brushes. I'd been using disposable makeup applicators and sponges to apply makeup so I couldn't use my fluidlines at all. I'm glad the staying power of Majolica Majorca's liquid liner is superb. It stays on longer than MAC fluidlines and the waterproof formula is perfect for hot summer days! I reviewed it here.

 6. Wet n' Wild Wine Red 522A I use this to mimic a "just bitten" lip. When worn as a lipstick it can be too bold but when dabbed on and used like a lip tint, it's beautiful! I use this on people (male or female) when I do their makeup.

7. MAC Ruby Woo I rarely watch television but the past month, I'd been watching Showtime. Anne Curtis uses a bold red lip color and if my research is correct, it is this very lipstick. I wore this lipstick out, people can't help but stare.

8. NYX Round lip gloss in Whipped This color softens any lip color I wear under it. It's also a great alternative to lip concealer if you want the "ulzzang" lips. Just line the outer parts of your lips with this and voila!- instant cute lips.

9. Citre Shine Thermo Defense Shine Glaze Because I dyed my hair, I'm taking extra measures to care for it. On days where I need to use heating tools, I spritz my hair with this. The bottle says to use it on towel dried hair but I use it on damp hair. I find the formula too thick so I dilute it with the water from my hair. This product doesn't only coat my hair with a protective layer, it also makes my hair color stand out more.

10. Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring in Sweet Orange I used this to dye my hair. It's so easy to use but can get a little messy. Apart from that, I love the color! Don't be scared that your hair will turn orange because it won't. Mine turned into a lovely sweet brown shade. I'm going to use this to dye my hair again.

That's all, folks! I'll be updating this blog with reviews soon. 

June 6, 2012

New Haircut + Dyeing Experience!

Hello, Hello! Sorry for the inactivity in this blog as of late. I don't know what's going on really but right now, I am quite stressed with my enrollment because the way I see it, it is a very crucial upcoming semester for me. The subjects I will be taking will determine how many semesters I have left before I graduate. I'm supposed to be on my *fourth* year in college already. Oh oh it's a long story so I'll spare you the lame loopy ride that is my college life and move on to today's feature- my new hair!!!

(My blog is now becoming self-centered and narcissistic. I can feel it! I can feel it! Anyways, tomorrow will be  a post about last month's favorites. So going back, my new hair!!!)

I had been wanting to cut my hair short for over a year already but my parents don't want me to. They believe long hair suits me more. They only gave me permission to do so because I begged them all summer to allow me!

For my hair makeover, I went to Antonio Hairdressing BFHomes. A few years ago, they did my hair and I really liked the regrowth. Even after many months, my hair still felt thick and healthy. I decided to go back because it was my first time to cut my hair this short so I wanted to make sure I don't regret it! I've been to countless salons before and sometimes they just don't get it right. I know you know what I mean!

I tried to get the same stylist who did my hair before but unfortunately he no longer works there. They gave me Miss Weng instead. Fortunately, she is really helpful and warm. It was my first time to actually have a conversation with the person cutting my hair. In other salons, they just snip my hair away without a word and I don't even get their name! I showed her the picture of the haircut I wanted. She kind of sensed I was pretty nervous about it so she suggested she cut my hair a little bit longer.