June 6, 2012

New Haircut + Dyeing Experience!

Hello, Hello! Sorry for the inactivity in this blog as of late. I don't know what's going on really but right now, I am quite stressed with my enrollment because the way I see it, it is a very crucial upcoming semester for me. The subjects I will be taking will determine how many semesters I have left before I graduate. I'm supposed to be on my *fourth* year in college already. Oh oh it's a long story so I'll spare you the lame loopy ride that is my college life and move on to today's feature- my new hair!!!

(My blog is now becoming self-centered and narcissistic. I can feel it! I can feel it! Anyways, tomorrow will be  a post about last month's favorites. So going back, my new hair!!!)

I had been wanting to cut my hair short for over a year already but my parents don't want me to. They believe long hair suits me more. They only gave me permission to do so because I begged them all summer to allow me!

For my hair makeover, I went to Antonio Hairdressing BFHomes. A few years ago, they did my hair and I really liked the regrowth. Even after many months, my hair still felt thick and healthy. I decided to go back because it was my first time to cut my hair this short so I wanted to make sure I don't regret it! I've been to countless salons before and sometimes they just don't get it right. I know you know what I mean!

I tried to get the same stylist who did my hair before but unfortunately he no longer works there. They gave me Miss Weng instead. Fortunately, she is really helpful and warm. It was my first time to actually have a conversation with the person cutting my hair. In other salons, they just snip my hair away without a word and I don't even get their name! I showed her the picture of the haircut I wanted. She kind of sensed I was pretty nervous about it so she suggested she cut my hair a little bit longer.

Basically my hair is a bob cut with longer layers down the front. I initially wanted Park Shin Hye's hair in You've Fallen for Me. Hers was wavy and shorter with long tails in front. My haircut now is longer and more layered compared to hers so at first I wanted it to get fixed. I decided to let it be for a while and now, I love it! I think the layers add a bit more character to my haircut. I'm excited to curl it and see how it looks!

Aside from getting a haircut, I also dyed my hair! I bought Etude House's Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring in Sweet Orange. I wanted to review it in this blog but it was hard for me to take pictures while dyeing my hair. I will do it next time when I touch up on my hair color! I want to use the same hair dye again.

The hair color is also a first for me. My hair was virgin black so I was really impressed the color showed up really well. It might not be as vibrant as shown in the box but it helped my hair become lighter. The hair color seems to change depending where I am though. At home, it looks like a golden brown with a hint of orange whereas outside, it looks like a pretty deep orange brown. It's a really pretty color though and for it's price? You can't go wrong! My inspiration for the hair color is Yoona in Love Rain. I've been watching a lot of K-dramas, I know!

I'm really happy with the way my hair is right now. It's sort of a big change for me yet I really like it! Thankfully, people around me have been saying nice things about it as well! You may have noticed I only used webcam photos because my camera wasn't available. When it comes to webcam photos, I can't hep but make funny faces. Hehe, lol.
What do you think of my new hair? If you have any questions about the cut and the hair dye, just leave a comment below. Thanks for reading! :)


  1. I love your hair!! seriously. and your makeup too. what did you use for your lips? :)

    1. Hello! Thank you so much!! :D MAC Faux lipstick! :D

  2. Pretty! Bagay sayo :) I did a review on EH bubble color in Sweet Orange, you might wanna check that out, sakin kasi kitang kita yung color and it looked like I got highlights, maybe because my hair had been dyed mahogany prior to sweet orange :)

    1. Thank you!! I'm planning to retouch after a month. Sana mas tumingkad din. :) I will check that out! :)

  3. Your hair looks good on you. You are really pretty! :)