January 21, 2013

Etude House Brushes

When I started this blog, I made a wish list comprising of all Etude House brushes. Little did I know that my little wish would come true! It took me a while to collect all of them but now that I've completed my collection, I really think they're worth it. These tools helped me a lot in my "professional" work and personal makeup application. They are super cute and affordable! I opted for these brushes because I really trust and love the brand. Their products work for me and I get a lot of freebies whenever I shop from them! Okay, lol. Here's my honest opinion about my brush collection!
1. Powder brush
2. Blush Contour Blush
3. Duo Fibre Cheek Glow
4. Oblique Shading Brush
5. Foundation Brush
Powder brush- The large round head is great for dusting powder all over the face and body. It softens harsh lines made by my contour and blush. I also use it as a buffing brush. The bad thing about it is the bleeding of the dye. Don't leave it to dry on places you wouldn't want stained! Also wash it regularly since the bristles become stiff when there's product build up.

Blush Contour Brush- The dome-shaped brush is ideal for a light dusting of color onto your cheeks or applying contour beneath the cheek bones. It's a good blush brush to consider if you're looking for one. Unfortunately, it bleeds too but I never had an allergic reaction to the dye.

Duo Fibre Cheek Glow Brush- The first brush I bought from the collection! It's what you normally call a stippling brush. It sheers down the application of my most pigmented blushes. I also use this to apply my base makeup and highlighter. The result is poreless, smooth, and even complexion. If you have large pores, you need this. It's also one of the cheapest stippling brushes out there. The bad? It bleeds! I make sure to wipe it with alcohol after drying because the dye stains the white ends.

Oblique Shading Brush- The softest of the bunch but also the most flimsy! It sheds like crazy but it doesn't bleed as much as the others. I use this to put my highlighter and dust powder under my eyes to set my concealer. 

Foundation Brush- The best, and my favorite! The size of the brush is perfect for a small face but it's wide enough to distribute product evenly and easily. I don't have any bad comments about this brush. Your foundation/ BB cream will look perfect on you!

6. Cream Touch Brush
7. Multi Shadow Brush
8. Eye Contour Brush
9. Oblique Shadow Brush
10. Tip Brush
11. Oblique Eyeliner Brush
12. Eyebrow Brush
13. Eyeliner/ Concealer Brush
14. Lip Brush

Cream Touch Brush- This is supposed to be for the eyes but I use it to apply my concealers. There's nothing special about it but it's nice to have a synthetic brush for applying cream products.

Multi Shadow Brush- This densely packed eye shadow brush is great for packing color onto the upper lids and blending color along the lower lid. I also use this to smudge my eyeliner. If you want to pack on color, use this.

Eye Contour Brush- I use this to blend away harsh edges. It's soft and the bristles don't poke the delicate skin around the eyes. It's also great for contouring the nose and highlighting the brow bone! I wish I had more like this!

Oblique Shadow Brush- This brush was so hard to find! It was only when the ATC branch opened that I got my hands on it. It's great for creating cat-eye looks and highlighting the bridge of the nose.

Tip Brush- I use the tip of the sponge applicator to put highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes. It comes with 2 sponge applicator refills.

Oblique Eyeliner Brush- I find the bristles too harsh for the delicate eye area. It pokes my eyes. I use this to apply my eyebrow cream instead. Its firm bristles helps me shape my brows the way I want them.

Eyebrow Brush- I use this to apply brow powder to set my eyebrow cream. It can also be used to put powder shadows as liners. I don't have any other brush like this so I reach for this a lot.

Eyeliner/ Concealer Brush- I use this to apply my gel liners and to clean up my brow area of any fall out or  smeared product. This, together with the Oblique Eyeliner Brush and Eyebrow Brush, helps me create the perfect brows!

Lip Brush- I have a few lipsticks that just don't work for me when I apply them straight from the tube. However this little tool fixes that problem for me! My lipsticks apply so well, even my expensive ones look so much better when I use a lip brush with them. I love how this lip brush snaps into two so you can use the other end as a cap/ cover. That way, I can bring it with me wherever I go!

My favorites from my brush collection would have to be:
Foundation Brush
Duo Fibre Cheek Glow
Oblique Eyeliner Brush
Eyebrow Brush
Lip Brush
Eye Contour Brush

VERDICT: Etude House is like my go to shop whenever I need a new product or tool so it was only obvious that I would collect their brushes when I started doing makeup for other people. I am happy with my brushes but I won't recommend them if you want to create an HD look. You might want to invest in pro brushes for that. Koreans have their own makeup style and I think these brushes were designed with that in mind. These are great for personal use though! You don't have to collect everything like I did, but if you're in need of a brush ASAP, you might want to check these brushes out.

January 19, 2013

Organize your lipsticks!

A girl can never have too many lipsticks! From nudes to reds, it's fun experimenting with different shades to best match your look for the day. If you're like me who loves collecting lipsticks, you will need this! A lipstick organizer that holds 24 lipsticks! 
This holder is an amazing tool for organizing your lipsticks so finding the shade you want for the day becomes easier! Plus, it's pretty sturdy and looks good on the makeup counter!
If you're looking a long time for this, you can find it in my new online shop, La Petite Poupée!

La Petite Poupée